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Your files will be stored for a maximum of 15 days as a free user.By signing up, your daily upload limit jumps to 10GB and you can upload 50 files simultaneously for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the file upload limit?

Users can upload files up to 5GB in size at a time. For larger files, please split the file or consider our premium membership options.

What types of files can I upload?

You can upload most file types, including photos, videos, documents, and archives, through our site. However, uploading content that is copyrighted or illegal is strictly prohibited.

How long are my uploaded files stored?

For standard users, uploaded files are stored for a duration between 1 and 15 days, as specified by you. This duration is longer for premium users and varies according to the package.

How can I share my files?

After uploading a file, you will be provided with a unique download link. You can share this link with anyone to give them access to your file.

Are my uploaded files secure?

Your security is our top priority. Your files are stored on encrypted servers and can only be accessed by people you share them with.

How can I delete my file?

Your files will be automatically deleted after the duration you specified. If you have a file that you wish to be deleted sooner, please contact us.

Can I resume an interrupted upload?

Our platform supports upload resumption for registered users, allowing you to continue an upload if your connection was interrupted.


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